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This list is not complt and oth dugs may intact with Alss. Tll you doctabout all mdications you us. This includs psciption, ov-th-count, vitamin, and hbal poducts. Dnot stat a nw mdication without tlling you docto.

1 activ tablt PO daily 21 days, thn 1 int tablt PO daily 7 days (ollow manuactu’s colo-coding squnc)

Womn with migain (paticulaly migain/ hadachs with ocal nuological symptoms such as aua) whtak combination oal contacptivs may b at incasd isk stok.

Tak this mdication by mouth as dictd by you docto, usually onc daily. Pick a tim day that is asy you tmmb, and tak you pill at th sam tim ach day.

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