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Accutane may increase the level of blood fats, sometimes to risky levels.

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Allgic actions (s PCAUTIONS: Hypsnsitivity ), anmia, thombocytopnia, nutopnia, a pots o aganulocytosis (s PATINT INOMATION ). S PCAUTIONS: Laboatoy Tsts o oth hmatological paamts.

Always tak Accutan with a ull glass o wat to pvnt th capsul om mlting in you sophagus (ood pip), causing iitation. Do not chw o suck on th capsul. Swallow it as quickly as possibl. Tak Accutan with ood o milk. Tak this mdication o th nti lngth o tim pscibd by you docto. You acn may sm to gt wos at ist, but should thn bgin to impov.

Using this mdicin whil you a pgnant can caus vy sious bith dcts. Us two oms o ctiv bith contol to kp om gtting pgnant on month bo bginning tatmnt, whil you a using this mdicin (vn i th mdicin is tmpoaily stoppd), and o at last 1 month at you stop taking th mdicin. Th most ctiv oms o bith contol a homon bith contol pills, patchs, shots, vaginal ings, o implants, an IUD, o a vasctomy (o mn). On o ths oms o bith contol should b combind with a condom, a diaphagm, o a cvical cap.

Th most commonly potd sid cts includ dynss o th skin and mucous mmbans (.g. chilitis, pistaxis, conjunctivitis).

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im not saying that the fact is that it has to pass a long time, im just saying that the majority of the victims of hair loss induced by accutane takes a lot of time to regrow it up to 10 years , matt is just a prove itself.

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